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I shook a few hands today after the game, Wenger said. There's nothing special there.
Guardian - 8:15 PM
Wenger told BT Sport: It's good because in pre-season we were very solid defensively, so it's a good base to go into the championship. Pre-season has gone quite well.
EPL Talk - 7:00 PM
Even last year we had no excuses, just the fact Chelsea started strongly and we didn't. And there were reasons, that is for sure, said Wenger. This season it is different.
Daily Mail - 10:45 PM
I want more goals from him because he plays in that position and he is a good finisher, said Wenger. He does not take enough chances when he is in the position where he can finish.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
What I think is that he shows more authority to dictate the game than before, says Wenger. He is physically stronger, that is for sure, and he is more equipped to deal with the Premier League. He joined very late in 2013 without any preparation with the team. In 2014 he came back ex...
Guardian - 10:00 PM
His move is a bit like Van der Sar, said Wenger. He went from Fulham to Man United but still had five or six years at Manchester United so I don't see why he shouldn't have a few more years.
Daily Mail - 11:29 AM
I spent a lot of time at the training ground, but I recovered at the training ground because when there are no games there is a bit less stress, said Wenger.
Mirror - 10:51 PM
It's certainly the most experienced squad since 2004, said Wenger. There is better balance between talent and experience.
Mirror - 10:51 PM
Before, we always lost big players and then everyone would quickly question us, Wenger said. This is the first time for a long time we have all had confidence in our environment.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
We're delighted to have extended the contracts of Santi and Theo, said Arsenal boss Wenger.
EPL Talk - 2:47 PM
Wenger told www.arsenal.com: We're delighted to have extended the contracts of Santi and Theo.
Daily Mail - 12:36 PM
Both are top-quality players who are hugely important and influential to our squad, said manager Arsene Wenger.
BBC - 12:05 PM