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Sanogo was injured for basically two years before he came to us, Wenger said.
Sport Review - 10:59 PM
I thought he played very well, was intelligent, good decision making and calm on the ball, good in the air, Wenger said. He is 19 years old, and what he did is very promising. I told you we will have a core of English players, you have to trust me, I will get you slowly a good national tea...
Sport Review - 10:49 PM
He is a striker and he's a good finisher, said Wenger.
Goal.com - 9:43 PM
That's football. It always surprises you, Wenger said.
Sport Review - 7:41 PM
Yes, [Campbell] is part of my plans. He might play against Benfica, Wenger said.
Sport Review - 5:11 PM
Sanchez was really outstanding at Udinese but when he went to Barcelona it became a bit more difficult for him, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 2:10 PM
I love pace and when we lost Theo Walcott (to injury) we suffered a little bit on that front, said Wenger. So I took him because he is a player who has the qualities of Walcott, he goes behind the defenders off the ball.
Daily Mail - 1:02 PM
I would say that the balance of power is a bit more even than it was five or six years ago, Wenger said. With the financial fair play added to the fact we have more financial power than five years ago it gives us a better chance. The last two seasons it has changed because we had th...
ESPN - 10:57 AM
The balance of power in the Premier League is a bit more even than it was five or six years ago, said Wenger.
Daily Express - 12:01 AM
At the moment, Thomas Vermaelen is here, Wenger said. He is injured at the moment for a short-term injury.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
I wanted to feel that I had done a good job and, of course, the fact we could not win [trophies] was going on in my mind, Wenger said. What if we had not won anything? I don't want to answer that question.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
You're never too good for Arsenal and Steven Gerrard knows that, Wenger said. But I can understand completely that he asked him to stay because he wanted [Suárez] to play with him and have a chance to win the Premier League . But it didn't happen, and anyway, Suárez left.
Sport Review - 7:21 PM
It could happen, yes it's a possibility that he goes. If he goes we have to replace him because he's an important player in our squad, Wenger told a news conference.
Daily Star - 6:28 PM
It's a big season for Jack but he's in the best shape that he's been for three years, Wenger said. He has prepared and he has got over his ankle problems. I think that he will have a great season but it's a very important season for him.
Sport Review - 6:26 PM
That's wrong [on Quintero], Wenger said. For weeks we were buying [Mario] Balotelli from one minute to the other and it was all wrong. I don't want to give you any names but at the moment we are not after anybody in particular. Are we close? It depends what you call close. What I ca...
Sport Review - 4:23 PM
At the moment, Thomas Vermaelen is here, he is injured at the moment for a short-term injury, Wenger said.
Sport Review - 4:14 PM
I'm very happy because I did what I wanted, and I am still open to do more, said Wenger.
Sport Review - 4:01 PM
Joel Campbell is part of my plans, he might play tomorrow against Benfica , said Wenger.
talkSport - 3:51 PM
At the moment he is here. He has a short-term injury, said Wenger. If he goes, we have to replace him. I expect him to stay but he he did not play enough games last year.
talkSport - 3:43 PM
You are never too good for Arsenal and Gerrard knows that, said Wenger on Friday.
Daily Mail - 3:41 PM
Vermaelen is injured. It is a possibility that he goes, Wenger said. If he does [go], we have to replace because he is an important player in our squad.
ESPN - 3:32 PM
At the moment Thomas Vermaelen is here, he is injured at the moment with a short-term injury but it could happen, Wenger said.
Daily Star - 3:02 PM