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I do not give too much importance to what Tony Adams says, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 11:59 PM
He can show what he can do now. Who gives importance to that? I know him for a long time. It's sad, said Wenger.
EPL Talk - 11:37 PM
If I leave tomorrow Arsenal Football Club I have no right to come back, because I have worked here, Wenger said on Friday.
Mirror - 11:33 PM
In a football club today you have to employ people who can help you be successful. Sometimes it [forces you] to make harsh decisions, Wenger said. But there is no right.
Soccernet - 11:00 PM
There are many aspects of a football club which have to be discussed at a board meeting, said Wenger. One of them is of course what is happening with the manager, the future, the players who have to come in, the renewal of contracts. You don't miss problems in a board meeting.
Daily Telegraph - 4:23 PM
I don't question their focus and their determination because in every game they turn up with strong performances, Wenger said. First of all they are under contract. And they behave like they want to be at the club.
Daily Express - 1:00 PM
Sanchez and Ozil, maybe one day I will be able to speak about that, but I don't question their effort and focus, said Wenger.
Mirror - 10:45 AM
I don't question their focus and their determination because in every game they turn up with strong performances, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 10:38 AM
If you look at his record it's quite impressive, I believe that every big club that plays against him is conscious he can score against him, Wenger said. It's difficult to see if it's true or not.
Mirror - 9:55 AM
I felt he had something still left, Wenger said. But once he is on the pitch and has the ball he becomes the devil and forgets his pain.
The Sun - 1:50 PM
We have plenty of goalkeepers, said Wenger.
Daily Telegraph - 4:35 PM
It's Tuesday night against Sunderland, Wenger said. Everybody expects us to win and I didn't count the number of people who were in the seats.
Daily Mail - 3:13 PM
I didn't decide to play him until four in the afternoon today, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 1:02 AM
I don't think about the percentages, Wenger said. I just think: 'Let's make sure we win against Everton. I answer for 20 years the question: 'Is the top four nothing special?' I don't know why, suddenly, it could become such a big problem [not to finish in the top four]. I am quite...
Guardian - 12:28 AM