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I am pleased that he came back, said Wenger. He is an Arsenal man.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
It looks like Sánchez will not extend his contract, Wenger said. But we want to keep Jack [Wilshere] and if we have an opportunity maybe to keep [Mesut] Özil, the rebuild will be less deep than if all the three left.
Daily Telegraph - 6:44 PM
The lack of goals certainly affects him a little bit, but I am not worried, Wenger said. He was diminished a bit physically on Wednesday night against Chelsea because he was not at his best before the game, but he was as well very isolated.
Daily Mail - 4:11 PM
It's both, always. These guys want to win, and they want to make money as well, Wenger said. So they want a combination of the two, which big clubs can give them.
Soccernet - 10:32 PM
I am always committed. I am here for 21 years, said Wenger.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
Normally he would stay until the end of the season - but we'll see, said Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.
BBC - 4:12 PM
He's a good player, but at the moment, there as well, nothing is happening, said Wenger. We are not on that case at the moment.
Soccernet - 3:16 PM
We have an uncertainty over Ozil, who will have a test earliest tomorrow, said Wenger. That at the moment is a bit 50/50. All the other players will still be out for Bournemouth.
talkSport - 11:43 AM
He's a good player but at the moment nothing is happening there, Wenger said. We are not on that case at the moment.
Guardian - 11:16 AM
In the way we find exactly same the player, certainly not, Wenger said. He's an exceptional football player, a world-class player.
Goal.com - 10:24 AM
You know how much I love Jack and his talent, I started him at the age of 17, said Arsene Wenger. But today in the football world you need to be a consistent presence.
Sky Sports - 10:24 AM
Ozil has a swollen knee. That's why he was not involved on Wednesday, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 9:27 AM
For Sunday I think he will be short, but I do not know how long he will be out, said Wenger.
BBC - 5:56 PM
There is one thing to punish somebody individually and another thing to punish everybody, said Wenger. If I think he can help the team to win, then that is nothing to do with the fact he can be punished, separately, individually.
Daily Telegraph - 3:13 PM
Yes. He goes to Valencia, he didn't get enough games, Wenger said. I let him go.
Soccernet - 12:43 PM
There were only two opportunities for them to intervene, the first one was straight away because the ball went out, Wenger said after the match.
Daily Mail - 11:22 AM
If that is true, he will be fined, Wenger said. It is impossible to go out 48 hours before a game.
Daily Express - 11:15 AM
He has an ankle sprain, the first look at it was not too bad. But of course for Sunday I think he will be short, Wenger said. How long he will be out, I don't know.
Soccernet - 8:48 AM
The team selection had nothing to do with the transfer market, Wenger said. I have not to justify every decision I make.
Guardian - 12:23 AM
I don't know if he'll be available on Sunday but it's definitely an ankle sprain, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 12:14 AM
The second [incident] was a bit strange, the ball went out for the corner and then they went back to the penalty, Wenger said. If the referee is not sure we could stop the game straight away.
Sky Sports - 12:08 AM